X-1R Engine Flush

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X-1R Engine Flush
X-1R Engine Flush
  • Suitable for all engines
  • Effectively dissolves sludge
  • Restores engine power
  • Improved fuel efficiency guaranteed
  • Proven to prolong engine life
  • Environmentally friendly
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Size (length*width*height): 6cm x 6cm x 4cm
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  • Effectively removes old carbon deposits
  • Cleans, conditions and lubricates fuel injectors
  • Restores Lost Power
  • Dramatically reduces emissions
  • Prevents gas cutting on exhaust valve
  • Improves cold start
  • Improves fuel efficiency
  • Stops engine run-on

Increases and prolongs engine life
Returns engine to 'as-new' performance
Dissolves sludge and other harmful deposits
Improves on fuel efficiency and engine performance
Compatible with all seals and gaskets
Compatible with all engine oils.
Frees sticky valves and lifters
Contains only controlled action detergents
Improves oil circulation and oil performance

Why flush your engine?
Over the years as your vehicle accumulates miles it is also accumulating harmful deposits that will eventually cost you money. Even though you routinely service your vehicle sludge, gum, varnish, grit and many other unwanted items will be in your engine. These deposits slowly clog oils passaged and restrict the oil flow particularly in the valve train area.Unwanted deposits in your engine lead to increased wear and tear and increased fuel consumption. These deposits will remain in your engine even after your normal oil change, gradually building and ultimately harming your engine. X-1R Engine Flush is specifically formulated with controlled-released detergents that clean your engine without the need for solvents. Regular use of X-1R Engine Flush will help keep your vehicle in tip-top condition.

Safe and easy to use
X-1R Engine Flush is designed for safe use in all vehicle, all you need to do is to pour it into your engine oil and then follow the directions below and immediately the controlled action detergents start to melt the harmful deposits away. You will notice straight away an improvement in the efficiency of your vehicle. On top of this X-1R Engine Flush contains no solvents is non-toxic, non-flammable and proven to be environmentally friendly.

Directions for use
Recommended to uss after your vehicle reaches 20,000 km or once a year. One bottle of X-1R Engine Flush will treat engines of up to 5 litre oil capacity. Pour the contents of one bottle into the crank case when the engine is hot. Allow the engine to run for up to fifteen minutes and then drain your oil, for particularly dirty engines we also advise removing the sump cover to ensure that there is not an accumulation of sludge. Replace oil and enjoy your driving.

Keep out of reach of children. Contact a physician if taken internally.

Content: 240ml / bottleimage

1 x 240ml bottle

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